3 reasons to raise an Australian Labradoodle

Hypoallergenic: The Australian Labradoodle has an allergy friendly, non-shedding soft coat. Due to the numerous categories of allergies, no dog is without risk of causing allergies: however, the Australian Labradoodle considerably reduces those risks.

Calm, sociable, and docile, the Australian Labradoodle is easy to train and eager to please. The Australian Labradoodle will happily play with you and/or your children.

Canine competition, animal therapy or simply a new family member? Love is all the Australian Labradoodle demands in return!

Some comments

École Canine Louma (canine school): excellent dog for zootherapy, very calm, eager to learn, people want dogs like that! Emmanuelle

Waltzing Matilda Labradoodles: Wow…This is excellent!!YAY…congratulations! It’s rare that a dog breeder gets an excellent rating on a preliminary trial before 2 years. Michelle

I am not a dog person but this breed has something special that makes you fall in love with it! Martin